Studio Sturdy Limited Edition is a luxury design company based in Vancouver, BC. Since our foundation over 30 years ago, our designs have become synonymous with West Coast interiors and Pacific North Western design.

Studio Sturdy Limited Edition aims to encapsulate the laid back and effortless beauty of Canada’s West Coast through our handcrafted statement pieces and furniture. Each of our designs are created using only the highest grade and quality of materials.

Our design philosophy prioritizes respecting our natural surroundings. We create timelessly robust pieces intended to be inherited, passed down and endowed for generations to come. Our designs possess an enduring quality that transcend time and challenge the ephemera of mass production.

woman working on a resin furniture piece


Each of our pieces are hand made at our studio space, located centrally in Vancouver, BC. Created from brass, steel, and resin, Studio Sturdy pieces capture a dream-like quality that demand to be looked at and visually appreciated. Often collected for their unique and beautiful aesthetic, each piece is truly one of a kind and inimitable.


Jessica from Studio Sturdy

Jessica Anderson, daughter of renowned artist and Studio Sturdy founder, Martha Sturdy, is a life-long lover of art and design. Growing up surrounded by creative energy, Jessica naturally found her way into the fine art and design industry, herself. After a prolific career in design, Martha is now exclusively focused on sculpture work. Jessica has taken the reins of the Sturdy design legacy through her leadership of Studio Sturdy. Jessica aims to provide Martha’s followers and collectors with the sought after minimalist design pieces in one central location.

Beth Rome

Beth Rome

 Eastern Sales Manager

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Amar Darji

Production Manager

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Natalia Chernovsky