Studio Sturdy Limited Edition is a luxury design company featuring the many designs from Martha Sturdy’s collections. Martha Sturdy is a long time pioneer in modern design, although, in recent years, she has directed her focus and creativity toward sculpture and art. Studio Sturdy Limited Edition aims to provide her followers and collectors with the sought after minimalist design pieces in one central location.

Studio Sturdy is a collection of furniture and accessories with a distinctly contemporary feeling. Created from brass, steel, and resin, the Studio Sturdy pieces capture a dream-like quality that demands to be looked at and visually appreciated. Often collected for their unique and beautiful aesthetic, each piece is hand made in the studio in Vancouver, Canada.

During Martha Sturdy’s career as a design leader, she has worked  with some of the finest design firms in the world in both fashion and home décor; such as B&B Italia, LVMH, Minotti, and the Museum of Modern art

Studio Study creates pieces designed for architects, interior designers, and private collectors. 

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